About Us

About Chef Raashika

Chef Raashika Kulshreshtha has been cooking from the age of 4 and is an Indian Chef, Food Writer, Food Stylist and Consultant. She has been working with hotels and restuarants, and recently started her own food venture- Shubh Rasoi. Passion for food has driven her to explore food and various stories related to dish. She has been also researching on the essence of Indian Cuisines and its evolution. She is not only a chef, but also takes culinary workshops, and helping restaurants through her consultancy especially during the Covid Pandemic.

Who are We?

Food Delivery Kitchen

We run a food delivery kitchen in Noida and successfully running from past 3 months. We are delivering in Noida, Delhi & Ghaziabad.

Culinary Workshops

We conduct Culinary Workshops for people who are eager to learn different styles of cooking at a very minimum rates. Learning never ends and there are many people out there who want to learn about food and have great talents within them.


We are working to help restaurants through consultancy. We are different from other organizations, we try to understand the operations and business model of a specific company and based on the understanding we will provide them with guaranteed solutions.

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