Spice-ae-Nazakaat brings a fresh range of 100% Organic & Natural Spices right at your Doorstep. With years of hardwork and working with spices, here we present our perfect spice-ae-nazakaat!

Our Product Includes:

  • Spice-ae-Nazaakat Special Garam Masala- Our Special Garam Masala is different from regular Garam Masala. You will know once you try it!
  • Vrat-Wala Masala- Our Special Vrat wala Masala has been made with 100% Purity. As the name suggests, it is specially made to enhance flavors of dishes which you eat during your fasting.
  • Special Masala to Cure Diabetes- Our Special Masala which is specially designed to help people control their blood sugar level. Today, almost every forth person has diabeties and our special masala helps in controlling the blood sugar level. It is completely natural.
  • Gaon Masala- India is a land of spices, and here is our special Gaon Masala that enhances the beauty of traditional Indian food, and can be used in any dish.

You can Order One for Yourself:

Spice-ae-Nazaakat Special Garam Masala100 gms165/-
Vrat Masala100 gms125/-
Special Masala to Cure Diabetes100 gms145/-
Gaon Masala100 gms145/-
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